Kick-off to Formentera’s summer season 2023

Kick-off to Formentera’s summer season 2023

Yesterday, April 24th, we were given the opportunity to participate in a meeting regarding the preparation of the summer season 2023 that was held between the vice-president of the Insular Council, Consell of Formentera and the person responsible for Tourism, Alejandra Ferrer, the counselor Josep Marí, representatives of the Local Police and the Guardia Civil, and some of us representatives, intermediaries, and tourist agencies regarding tourist stays in touristic villas.

Some of the topics to be dealt with at the meeting were a document that since the pandemic is issued by the Insular Council in collaboration with the local police, this document has a prohibition clause of annoying activities, parties and excess occupation, the document, private between owner and tenant, expressly prohibits all activities that cause discomfort, damage or damage to third parties or neighbors of the property, especially the celebration of multitudinous parties”, Ferrer detailed. This clause was created by the Consell “to have an effective tool against illegal parties and to promote a good coexistence in which the rest of residents and visitors are respected”, the counselor noted. The presentation to the customer of this document is not mandatory and is of free decision by the owner or agency.

The Guardia Civil made use of the opportunity provided by the gathering to insist for the registration of all those who are staying in the touristic lodgings as mandatory premise.
From June, client data will have to be processed by agencies and accommodations directly with the database of the Ministry of the Interior for questions pertaining to the safety of the general public. Because the data that will be required starting in June will also include sensitive information such as accommodation payment modalities, credit card details, or customer IBAN information, the operations will be carried out on the website of the Ministry to ensure the tranquility of the customers.
One of the disadvantages of this new system that has been brought to light by some of the tour operators, specifically with regard to information on the payment system, refers to all of those guests who arrive at the accommodations through Airbnb and other platforms and whose payments have already been made through them, and the operators do not have direct information in this regard from the client.

On the other hand, a strong emphasis was placed on the commitment of the Insular Council to extend the season and visits in low season, with low season being understood to be from October to May. This was done with the intention of attracting “digital nomads,” or people who, since the pandemic, now use to spend their winters in warmer locations and could be a good potential client for Formentera as it is already for Ibiza.. For their part, the Consell has committed to creating a list of houses and accommodations, as well as establishments of restoration and complementary activities, so that the Consell Insular can advertise it and that the visitors who want to come in the low season can find all relevant information for a pleasant winter stay. Regarding the travel agencies and tour operators, we all claimed to have a good disposition and confirmed to put our own means, whether apartments or villas.

One of our villas for winter rental is ID 31 – a beautiful countryside villa with all comforts. Doesn’t it seem like a wonderful place to spend a relaxing winter enjoying the good temperatures of Formentera and approaching Ibiza only when you really want to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle?


Would it be too much to ask the shipping companies that operate between Ibiza and Formentera to have discounts on their journeys for those same low-season visitors ?, given the good disposition of Consell and operators, it would be a good incentive for people who end up decanting for the winter stay in Ibiza due to the high cost that each journey implies for a non-resident, and it would give them the opportunity to be able to travel more frequently to Ibiza if necessary.

Are you one of those Digital nomads ? contact us to get a list of available properties for winter rentals and our discounted ferry tickets.

With regard to the prospects for this summer season, Easter came to a close with a positive balance and the reservations for the summer are at “high”. In short, “a good season is expected,” said Alejandra Ferrer.

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See you soon in Formentera !

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