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Uniting to Triumph Over COVID-19: Harnessing the Power of Clinical Trials.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

In the face of the persistent threat posed by COVID-19, our collective resilience shines brighter than ever, stated Dr. Saboora Waris, Associate Director, at Maroof International Hospital.

Today, we come together to underscore three critical facets that demand our unwavering attention and action: the relentless presence of COVID-19, the pivotal role of clinical trials in shaping our defense, and the opportunity for free COVID-19 treatment that empowers us all. Speaking at a Media Roundtable organized by FINN Partners, on “COVID-19 and the importance of clinical trials” she shared that even as we strive for normalcy, the specter of COVID-19 still looms large. This virus has tested our resolve, but it cannot diminish our determination. We must remain vigilant and proactive to safeguard our communities and chart a course toward a brighter future.

Speaking on the worth and significance of clinical trials Dr. Saboora said that our battle against diseases, especially COVID-19, cannot be overstated. These trials serve as crucibles of hope and progress, where life-changing vaccines and groundbreaking medicines are forged. By participating in clinical trials, individuals become not just beneficiaries but champions of medical innovation. Every trial participant plays a pivotal role in the development of treatments and vaccines that can change the course of the pandemic and save lives.

Dr. Waris announced that free COVID-19 tests are readily available at Maroof International Hospital, and several hospitals and testing centers have stepped forward, ensuring that access to testing is not a privilege but a fundamental right. These tests empower us to take control of our health, protect our loved ones, and collectively diminish the virus’s grip on our lives.

The path forward is illuminated by our shared commitment to science, our resolve to protect one another, and our faith in the power of medical innovation. Let us stand united, for in our collective strength, we find the power to reshape the narrative of this pandemic.

AAA Associates Announces Strategic Partnership with Valor Hospitality Partners

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) 

AAA Associates Announces Strategic Partnership with Valor Hospitality Partners GCC.In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to enhancing the hospitality landscape in Pakistan, AAA Associates has entered into a significant partnership with Valor Hospitality Partners. The collaboration was cemented with the signing of a Hotel Management Agreement (HMA) for a luxurious 5-Star Hotel and Residences situated in the mixed-use development, AAA Octa 2, Karachi. The pivotal signing ceremony took place in Abu Dhabi, graced by the presence of H.E. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, Mr. Afaq Ahmed, Deputy Head of Mission. Mr Muhammad Omer Munj was representing AAA Associates and Julien Bergue, the co-founder and Managing Partner of Valour Hospitality Middle East was also presented at the event.

The state-of-the-art property, designed to offer a unique blend of luxury and comfort, will feature 114 opulent rooms and suites, extensive banqueting spaces, an all-day diner, a bar, private dining, a comprehensive wellness and fitness center, and much more. Furthermore, the development will house 314 modern, branded, and serviced residential units.

Both Chairman AAA Associates Sheikh Fawad Bashir and MD AAA Associates Lt. Col. Shahzad Ali Kiani (r) expressed their excitement about this venture. “Partnering with a globally recognized entity like Valor Hospitality Partners aligns perfectly with our vision for this landmark project. As we embark on this journey, we are confident in Valor’s capability to bring unmatched hospitality expertise to the table,” stated Chairman AAA Associates Sheikh Fawad Bashir.

Highlighting Karachi’s significance, MD AAA Associates Lt. Col. Shahzad Ali Kiani (r) remarked, “Karachi, being Pakistan’s economic nerve center, is poised for an infrastructural evolution. This project promises to be a landmark addition to the city’s vibrant business ecosystem and its skyline.”

Julien Bergue, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Valor Hospitality Middle East, commented on the venture’s potential. “Having established our first foothold in Lahore, we’re eager to further our reach in Pakistan. Teaming up with AAA Associates for this illustrious project in Karachi underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled hospitality experiences in the region.”

This collaboration, bringing together AAA Associates’ local insights and Valor Hospitality Partner’s global expertise, is expected to create a synergetic impact, further enhancing the value proposition for both entities. With both companies’ shared vision and ethos, this partnership promises to reshape the hospitality landscape, setting new benchmarks in luxury and service excellence.

(BOP) launches Merchant Acquiring Business

The Bank of Punjab (BOP) launches Merchant Acquiring Business with the industry first buy now pay later (BNPL) and pay by link solution.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

The Bank of Punjab (BOP), recognized as one of the nation’s premier commercial banks, has embarked on a pioneering journey by unveiling its cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) payment solutions and online payment gateway services. BOP is the 7th Bank offering this service out of the total of 41 commercial and specialized banks in the country. This strategic move reinforces BOP’s commitment to enriching its digital retail offerings and expediting the evolution of the nation’s digital ecosystem. In pursuit of this ambitious endeavor, the Bank of Punjab (BOP) has forged a strategic alliance with PayNet Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omega IT Solutions United Arab Emirates renowned for its expertise in Digital Payment business solutions. This collaboration signifies a pivotal milestone in BOP’s mission to introduce Point-of-Sale (POS) payment services to the market, with plans to expand its reach through additional Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) for comprehensive nationwide coverage.

The Bank will act as a link between merchants, issuers and payment networks by offering them state-of-the-art POS machines and make cashless transactions available over the counters, enabling retailers to benefit from the adoption of digital payments. The POS machines support acceptance of all types of cards. To commemorate this momentous occasion, a ceremony was held at a prominent local hotel in Lahore. The event served as a platform to recognize the invaluable contributions of key individuals who played pivotal roles in this project. Dignitaries present at the ceremony included Mr. Zafar Masud, President & CEO of BOP, and other esteemed members of the senior management team. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Zafar Masud remarked, “The Bank of Punjab is diligently spearheading the modernization of retail services within the country by enhancing our digital offerings and promoting economic documentation.

We are already committed to providing top-notch services to SMEs, corporate entities, and government sectors. With the launch of our Merchant Acquiring business, we aim to fortify these strategic partnerships, empowering BOP to deliver innovative and industry-leading payment solutions to customers nationwide.” As the Bank of Punjab embraces the future with its Merchant Acquiring Business, it underscores its dedication to fostering a digitally advanced and financially inclusive landscape in Pakistan.

The bank’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation promises a brighter and more accessible future for all.



Mastercard SME Confidence Index

Mastercard SME Confidence Index: 72% of SMEs in MENA project similar or increased revenue in 2023.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)  From surviving to thriving in the post-COVID world, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are optimistic about 2023 revenue projections. These are the findings of the second edition of the Mastercard Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EEMEA) SME Confidence Index.

The 2021 inaugural SME Confidence Index delved into the impact of the pandemic on SMEs across sectors, products, and services, and how they are embracing a digital future. As a continuation, the second edition of the survey reveals that while SMEs across the EEMEA region are confident about business growth, digitization remains the biggest opportunity.

As companies recover from the pandemic and return to the growth phase, the research shows that 72% of SMEs in MENA project similar or increased revenue in the next 12 months. This trend is the strongest in Qatar with 88% of SMEs expecting revenues to either grow or hold steady, followed by 85% in Saudi Arabia and 80% in the UAE.

SMEs in Saudi Arabia are the most optimistic in MENA about the year ahead, followed by Qatar and the UAE.

In MENA, over 7 out of 10 SMEs are confident about business growth in the next 12 months compared to 2022. Leading the region, 93% of SMEs in Saudi Arabia are optimistic about 2023, followed by Qatar at 82% and the UAE at 74%.

The survey highlights top three areas for support required by SMEs in MENA – training and upskilling staff (93%), access to a wider range of financial services (92%) and better telco infrastructure (91%).

Adoption of digital payment solutions is on the rise in MENA, with 85% of consumers in the region having used at least one emerging payment method in the last year. Mastercard works as a trusted partner of governments to enable small businesses everywhere to go digital, driving economic equality and inclusive prosperity. The company has pledged to connect 50 million SMEs worldwide to the digital economy by 2025.  

Other areas of support that SMEs indicated include access to better data and insights, mentoring by industry experts, and access to a wider range of financial services.

Access to omnichannel payment services among top drivers of growth

SMEs in MENA have identified accepting omnichannel digital payments (92%), digitizing business operations (91%), and training and upskilling staff (90%) as the main drivers of growth.

Easy access to funding remains a key factor for growth across MENA – 92% of SMEs in Egypt find access to capital and resources crucial to sustaining the upward trajectory in 2023. The International Finance Corporation (IFC)[1] estimates the value of the total financing gap for SMEs in MENA at $210 to $240 billion.

More than half of SMEs in MENA are unanimous about the rising cost of doing business.

As markets navigate an increasingly dynamic economic landscape, SMEs continue to face a multitude of challenges. These include insufficient access to credit (24%), staff retention issues (46%), incline in the cost of goods and services (57%), and the lingering fallout of the pandemic in some countries (64%). Over 53% of SMEs surveyed in MENA are concerned about these factors they feel would contribute to the rising cost of doing business over the next 12 months.

Mastercard leverages its extensive network, state-of-the-art technology, and global partnerships to help SMEs to adapt to changing commercial environments and new spending patterns. The company works with governments and the private sector to build synergies that advance financial inclusion, and motivates consumers and merchants to support small businesses.


IIL holds interactive 75th Annual General Meeting and Corporate Briefing Session

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

International Industries Limited (IIL), Pakistan’s largest manufacturer and exporter of pipes & tubes, held its 75th Annual General Meeting (AGM), followed by a Corporate Briefing Session at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi on September 27, 2023.

The AGM witnessed the presence of shareholders, board members, executives, and other esteemed stakeholders of the Company. During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to review IIL’s performance, receive a briefing on its strategic goals, and discuss the annual financial report, showcasing the organization’s financial results and achievements over the past year.

In tandem with the AGM, IIL hosted a Corporate Briefing Session for financial analysts and other members of the banking & finance community, wherein key company executives presented a comprehensive overview of the organization’s operations, strategic initiatives, and business outlook. The session aimed to enhance transparency and provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the company’s direction and aspirations.

“We are delighted to engage key stakeholders at our Annual General Meeting and Corporate Briefing Sessions,” stated Sohail R. Bhojani, IIL’s Chief Executive Officer. “These platforms provided a valuable opportunity for transparent sharing of information and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders. We remain dedicated to aligning our strategies with the aspirations of our stakeholders, driving sustainable growth, and delivering continuous value to shareholders.”

Indus Hospital & Health Network commemorates World Lung Day with Karachi United & Kiran Foundation in friendly football match

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)

Voices Against Tobacco (VAT), an initiative of Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN), commemorated World Lung Day this week by hosting a friendly football match with partners Karachi United and Kiran Foundation. World Lung Day is commemorated each year to bring attention to the several factors that affect lung health and how to address them. On this day, VAT brings together partners and stakeholders from different industries and communities to showcase how lung health impacts everyone.

The event kicked off with lung health patient, Gulshan, initiating the match with the first kick. When Gulshan first visited Indus Hospital and Health Network, she used a wheelchair and oxygen support on a daily basis. Yet today, she was able to walk onto the field and start the match. Later in the event, she bravely shared her personal journey, illustrating the significant impact that the pulmonary rehabilitation program at Indus had on her life. “Being here today means the world to me. Living with a lung condition has been a journey of challenges, but thanks to the incredible care and support I received from Indus Hospital and Health Network, I am here, standing strong,” Gulshan emotionally shared. Gulshan’s moving testimony underscored the importance of access to prevention and treatment, which is the theme for this year’s World Lung Day.

Especially in low- and middle-income countries such as Pakistan, where mortality from non-communicable disease is highest, early access to diagnostics and holistic care is imperative for individuals facing lung health challenges. Also in attendance were representatives of IHHN, including Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, President IHHN, and Dr. Saima Saeed, Director of the IHHN Lung Health Program, as well as Karachi United founder Taha Alizai and members of Kiran Foundation. “The collaboration between VAT, Karachi United, and Kiran Foundation exemplifies the collective commitment to foster a healthier community,” said Dr. Abdul Bari Khan. “Through events and activities like this, the partners aim to inspire individuals to take proactive steps towards maintaining optimal lung health and to support those affected by lung conditions.” VAT has also partnered with Kiran Foundation, signing the MoU this year.

Kiran Foundation is a non-profit organization, initiated in 2006 and provides transformational education and holistic support in marginalized communities. VAT conducted several student sensitization sessions with youth from a wide array of backgrounds, allowing for a greater reach of the anti-tobacco cause. “Efforts to improve lung health must include the medical and public health community, civil society organizations, youth groups, academic institutions and policy makers,” said Dr. Saima Saeed. “By working with partners such as Karachi United and Kiran Foundation, we can empower communities to prioritize improved air quality, reduce tobacco use and increase exercise to promote better lung health.” “Strong lung health is essential for all individual, and is especially important for young athletes, as their health directly affects their ability to perform,” said Taha Alizai. “For this reason, we are proud to partner with VAT and IHHN to bring awareness to this cause.”

The Lung Health program at IHHN used VAT to emphasize the importance of tobacco control policies, most recently through a petition too ban sale of all novel tobacco and nicotine products. They have garnered over 8500 signatures. Lung Health has also integrated spirometry diagnostics in primary care and had more than 9,300 referrals across the network. Over 200 breathless patients with lung disease such as Gulshan have benefited from the multidisciplinary pulmonary rehabilitation program at the hospital.

TECNO: Innovating the Future of Technology and Design

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Technology has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Whether it’s shopping online or running a business, the power of technology is now accessible through our digital screens. In 2023, a staggering 44.1% of Pakistan’s population, approximately 97.44 million people, is smartphone users, and this figure is expected to rise further in the future. To meet the growing demand for these gadgets, Technology brands must continually seek new and innovative strategies to meet the ever-evolving demands of consumers.


TECNO, the largest and most innovative technology brand with a global presence spanning over 70 countries and five continents, has consistently dedicated itself to transforming the digital experience within emerging markets worldwide. It has always worked towards improving the customer experience by creating modern and aesthetically pleasing designs with cutting-edge technologies, offering a wide range of technology products, including highly demanded mobile phones and laptops.

Their tagline, ‘Stop at nothing,’ serves as a powerful reflection of TECNO’s staunch commitment to innovation and progress. The company’s approach involves a continuous journey of creativity, where they explore new horizons and challenge the limits of what’s possible in technology. Each product they produce is meticulously crafted with a deep understanding of contemporary styles and the ever-evolving trends in technology. This dedication to remaining at the forefront of design and technology ensures that TECNO’s offerings remain consistently relevant and appealing to their customers.

With a track record of winning numerous awards since its inception, including accolades such as the Most Innovative Smartphone of 2020, Outstanding Mobile Phone Brand of the Decade in 2022, the iF Design Award in 2022, and the 2023 Muse Product Design Platinum Award, TECNO has garnered global recognition for its outstanding craftsmanship and innovation.

TECNO features four distinct smartphone product lines: PHANTOM, CAMON, SPARK, and POVA. In addition, the brand has unveiled two high-end laptop series, namely TECNO Megabook T1 and TECNO Megabook S1. With each passing year, TECNO has placed significant emphasis on camera and design leadership as pivotal components of their product development strategies. Notably, the brand has made substantial enhancements to its photography experience through the adoption of industry-leading camera technologies. The brand has also made substantial investments in technology in recent years, incorporating key camera innovations such as AI portrait algorithms, sensor-shift OiS, a multi-skin tone imaging system, RGBW sensors, and more. TECNO phones also offer several features that are designed to enhance the photography experience, such as AI Scene Detection, Ultra Night Mode, Portrait Mode, AI Beauty Mode, and HDR Mode.

The standout breakthrough of 2023 is the Eagle Eye Lens, equipped with a 4K image sensor and optical image stabilization (OIS), enhancing the production of sharp, clear images and videos. This lens is expected to feature prominently in TECNO’s upcoming flagship smartphones in 2023.

TECNO is also known for its innovative and stylish designs, which play a pivotal role in the company’s success. It remains steadfastly committed to creating products that not only exude beauty but also offer functionality and user-friendliness. The brand’s philosophy revolves around seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with contemporary aesthetics. Continuously attuned to ongoing trends, TECNO’s design ideals are in a constant state of evolution, with the company perpetually seeking fresh ways to enhance the user experience. Some of the noteworthy design technologies recently introduced by TECNO include the CAMON Puzzle design, Magic Skin Material, and Sapphire-grade nanocrystalline ceramic. These innovations show TECNO’s design leadership, evident in all its products.

The brand also incorporated AIoT business strategy in 2019 to establish a digital product ecosystem to comprehend evolving customer behaviors and preferences, thereby enabling more personalized experiences while also enhancing operational efficiency. With years of dedicated effort and a track record of achievements, TECNO AIoT remains committed to expanding its product portfolio, focusing on smartphones and laptops, and elevating cross-device connectivity to deliver a seamless digital experience to individuals, households, and organizations. This empowers them to cultivate a fully connected, intelligent lifestyle.

While TECNO has been a leading provider of cutting-edge technology products in the industry for years, it has also dedicated itself to continuously refining its after-sales service over time. This commitment includes expanding repair centers, utilizing genuine parts, striving for speedy repairs, offering diverse repair options, and great customer support, all to deliver a more convenient and reliable experience for its valued customers. 

TECNO has partnered with major online e-commerce platforms to provide smooth digital shopping experience, such as Lazada, Shopee, Flipkart, and JUMIA, among others. In addition to this, TECNO’s recent retail store rebranding initiative is a key component of the company’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the customer experience. These newly revamped stores have been meticulously designed to simplify the process of discovering TECNO products and selecting the right fit for individual needs. They offer an immersive and interactive shopping experience characterized by a modern aesthetic featuring vibrant colors and captivating graphics. Furthermore, these stores incorporate various interactive displays, empowering customers with deeper insights into TECNO’s product offerings. TECNO has also unveiled plans to extend this retail store rebranding effort to other countries, aligning with the company’s broader strategy for expanding its presence in these regions. 

TECNO is not only dedicated to delivering outstanding technological innovations but also remains committed to its corporate and social responsibilities. TECNO’s CSR program, “TECNO Cityzens Giving,” globally focuses on education, health, and the environment. It supports projects such as building schools, donating medical supplies, planting trees, and fostering entrepreneurship. This program reflects TECNO’s commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and a sustainable future. The company has partnered with UNHCR to provide higher education and job opportunities to refugee scholars. Additionally, TECNO has initiated the “Take Me Home” campaign in Kenya to support local families and children. There are numerous other examples where TECNO has continuously worked towards providing a better future for youth and building a more harmonious community.

In 2023 and beyond, TECNO is dedicated to enhancing the technology experience to the fullest, committing not just to keeping up with but surpassing international standards of innovation and creativity. This entails the production of top-notch, technologically advanced, and stylishly modern devices that set new benchmarks for quality and sophistication.


Majority Citizens Concerned About their Protein Intake

Majority Citizens Concerned About their Protein Intake, But Spend less than 20% on Protein foods reveals Right To Protein’s Pakistan Protein Perception Study 2023.

Developed by YouGov, commissioned by ‘Right To Protein,’ the ‘Pakistan Protein Perception Study 2023’ is a nation-wide, survey -based report assessing awareness and protein consumption challenges in Pakistan.

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)  The ‘Right To Protein’ initiative, powered by U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) introduced the ‘Pakistan Protein Perception Study 2023’, an insightful report developed basis a nation-wide survey conducted by YouGov assessing citizen’s knowledge, behaviour, and perceptions about protein foods in Pakistan. The study highlights the practical challenges that pose as a barrier to adequate protein consumption in Pakistan. Majority of the Pakistanis are unaware of their ideal daily protein requirements and lack basic knowledge of protein rich foods.

The Pakistan Protein Perception Study found that majority of the respondents spend only between 10-20% of their monthly food budgets on food sources that are rich in protein, which is the most essential macronutrient for human bodies. Over 60% citizens surveyed agree that lack of protein affects their overall health with lifestyle issues being the most common symptom that lead to protein deficiencies. Alarmingly, 46% wrongly believe that high consumption of protein leads to weight gain and 45% state that controlling calories is more important than consuming protein.  Less than 50% of respondents felt they were consuming less than half of the required amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and over 40% incorrectly classified fruits, vegetables, and whole grain cereals to be ‘high protein’ foods.

The study further revealed that high inflation in plant-protein food sources such as beans, milk, whole grain cereals as well as animal protein sources such as poultry, fish, and meat are driving perceptions about their relative unaffordability in recent times. As a result, while less than half (46%) respondents reported some increase in protein consumption, little over half reported a decline or no change in their consumption as per basic requirements. Respondents whose protein consumption decreased by a larger amount are larger households (married and have kids) and the decline was experienced majorly in the consumption of meat and fish which are protein-rich but more expensive as compared to other sources.

This study comes at a critical time and helps understand the challenges caused due to rising food prices in the country. With the compounding factors of a growing population and the impacts of global climate change, ensuring food and nutrition security has become an urgent area of concern.

Speaking about the study, Deeba Giannoulis, Regional Head, U.S. Soy Marketing & Sustainability, SAASSA, U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) said, “USSEC is a big advocate of food and nutrition security in the region. The ‘Pakistan Protein Perception Study’ brings forth the perspectives and priorities for the citizens, aiming to identify strategies for combating protein energy malnutrition and advocating reforms to bolster protein production and consumption. These could encompass measures such as improving accessibility to quality animal feed to lower costs of high-protein foods, exploring alternative sources of protein-rich foods, and raising overall public awareness of the critical role that protein plays in nutritional well-being and therefore nutrition security of the nation.”

Developed by YouGov, the Pakistan Protein Perception Study 2023 surveyed over 500 respondents in Pakistan using a quota-based sampling approach for representation of different age groups (18-45+ years) and genders. This survey was conducted using an online interview (lasting ~10 minutes) administered in English, to a sample from members of the YouGov Pakistan panel that consists of nearly 69,500 individuals. The sample was representative of adult urban internet users (18 years of age and above), who can read and understand English, and the results reflect the general responses of such an audience.

‘Right To Protein’ invites everyone to share the Pakistan Protein Perception Study 2023 within their networks and engage in meaningful discussions to drive positive change.

For further details regarding the Pakistan Protein Perception Study, please access the report here.







Progressive Group for setting up Raw Material Authority

Lahore (Nut Desk)

Progressive Group in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry has called for establishing an “Export Raw Material Authority” in the country to promote such industries and sectors which can produce raw materials for export-oriented industries.

Group’s central leader and LCCI Executive Committee member Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer in a statement issued here Tuesday said an authority could help in the efficient management of a country’s natural resources. By regulating and controlling the raw materials, the authority could ensure that these resources were not depleted too quickly or unsustainably exploited. An authority could encourage or mandate the processing of raw materials within the country before export. This could lead to the creation of more value-added products, which could fetch higher prices in the international market and create jobs domestically, he added. He proposed that the government should extend a 10-year tax exemption to the industries producing raw materials for the export-oriented sectors.

Similarly, these industries or sectors should be given loans on a priority basis and against low mark-up. Such units should also be given a one-time duty exemption on import of machinery of their use, while for setting up factories plots should also be given on 10-years easy installment. Ejaz was of the view that this way government could generate revenue by imposing export taxes or royalties on the export of raw materials. This revenue could be used for public services, infrastructure development, or other national priorities. He went on to say that such an authority could develop long-term strategic plans for the sustainable development of raw material industries. It could help identify potential markets, technologies, and investments needed to enhance the value of these materials.

The authority could enforce quality standards for raw materials. This could improve the reputation of the country’s products in the global market and lead to higher demand. He said that the authority could also implement policies and regulations to ensure that the extraction of raw materials was done in an environmentally sustainable manner. This could help protect natural ecosystems and prevent ecological damage. However, he stressed that the success of an Export Raw Material Authority depends on effective governance, transparency, and a clear understanding of the country’s economic goals and priorities.

Additionally, it should be designed and implemented in a way that minimizes bureaucracy and corruption while maximizing the benefits for the country and its citizens, Ejaz concluded.

TPL Insurance Limited – Window Takaful Operation, and HBL Islamic Partner to Offer Seamless Takaful Coverage for Car Finance Customers.

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Muhammad Aminuddin – CEO, TPL Insurance (sitting on right), and Raja Sohail Siraj, Head Retail Banking – HBL Islamic (sitting on left) signed the agreement. Senior members from respective organizations were also present at the occasion. Standing From left to right: Fariyah Khan – Manager strategy & Governance, Waqas Hussain – Business Planning Manager, Majid Khan – Manager Sales FIG, Khurram Farooq – AVP Motor Sales FIG, Aurangzeb Javed Siddiqui – Head of FIG, Muhammad Asad khan- Head Distribution Islamic Banking, Mudassir Niazi – Head Consumer Banking, Syed Jibran Ali – Head Car Finance Islamic Banking, Sana Kumail – Product Manager Islamic Banking.

TPL Insurance – WTO, a leader in premium insurance and Takaful services, is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with HBL Islamic Banking. This partnership is set to redefine Takaful coverage for HBL Islamic Car Finance clients, delivering top-tier Auto Takaful solutions to the Pakistani market. A key feature of TPL Insurance – WTO’s Takaful services is immediate policy issuance, ensuring prompt coverage for clients. Another essential aspect is risk mitigation through Islamic insurance, also known as Takaful services, for non-life businesses. This approach aligns seamlessly with ethical principles in accordance with Islamic rules.

Muhammad Aminuddin, CEO – TPL Insurance – WTO, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, “The collaboration between TPL Window Takaful Operations with HBL – Islamic Division is a welcome Takaful solution for existing and new customers to avail Pakistan’s best Auto Takaful coverage as well as a new feature added to HBL Islamic CarFinance. I am pleased to say that the partnership further strengthens ties between HBL and TPL Insurance.” Raja Sohail Siraj, Head Retail Banking – HBL Islamic, also shared his thoughts on this alliance, saying, ” This partnership highlights HBL Islamic Banking’s commitment to support its clients’ strategic needs. We are poised to reshape the Takaful landscape and deliver unparalleled value and service to clients.

With tailor-made financial solutions, we will continue to maintain our lead as the eminent Islamic Banking player in the industry.