Kinnaird College for Women, hold Badminton trials at GCU Faisalabad for Prime Minister Talent Hunt Youth Sports League.

Lahore (Qasim Ali)

The GCU Faisalabad witnessed a remarkable event as the Prime Minister Talent Hunt Youth Sports League for Men & Women in Badminton unveiled a new generation of rising stars. Young athletes aged 15 to 25, under the watchful eyes of Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, and the University of Sargodha, showcased their extraordinary talents during the trials.

The Prime Minister Talent Hunt Youth Sports League is dedicated to providing a platform for these budding athletes to display their exceptional skills on the court, fostering a spirit of healthy competition among the nation’s youth. As we move forward, we anticipate an exciting season filled with dedication, passion, and outstanding sporting accomplishments.

ICC World Cup 2023 to livestream for free in Pakistan on Daraz

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Cricket fever in Pakistan is all set to reach unprecedented heights this year with an exciting announcement from Daraz, Tamasha, and myco. In an unprecedented move, these leading digital platforms have come together to offer cricket enthusiasts across Pakistan free access to the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023.

Scheduled to commence on October 5 and culminate on November 19, the tournament promises to be an exhilarating cricketing event. Thanks to this partnership, fans all over Pakistan can now enjoy every moment of the World Cup through live and exclusive streaming, without any cost.

Digital streaming is now becoming the premier media platform for cricket viewership in Pakistan, especially for ODIs, as users find it increasingly difficult to stay glued to their TV screen for up to 9 hours, particularly during office hours and long commutes. 60% of match air time is now being watched on mobile screens, hence advertisers are also switching their ad spend to digital streaming.

Daraz has been airing the World Cup since 2021. In 2022, Daraz partnered with Tamasha, and now in 2023 there is a unique and exciting set of options through which users can watch the World Cup on Daraz, Tamasha, and a new entrant in Pakistan, myco, which is a MENA based watch&earn platform

“There is a powerful shift happening from big flat screens to small handy ones. We want to democratize cricket viewership in Pakistan so that everyone anywhere can watch cricket. Cricket unites our nation and this is our attempt to get closer to Pakistanis on top of the 27 million monthly active users we have, so they can watch and shop with convenience.” Mohammad Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Daraz Pakistan.

“Be it for marquee cricket tournaments like Asia Cup 2023, HBL PSL 2023, Pakistan bilateral series or local leagues, Tamasha and cricket always go hand in hand. With ICC World Cup 2023, Tamasha is geared up to bring the cricket action on mobile screens, whether at home, office, or on the go. Furthermore, users can access 70+ Live TV channels instantly, watch entertaining movies, and enjoy Tamasha Originals exclusively available to Tamasha users only. World Cup hai tou lagega TamashaAamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer, Jazz.

“Having successfully streamed multiple mainstream live sports tournaments in the MENA region and other global markets, we are thrilled to enter Pakistan by securing the rights to stream the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 on myco and to bring our disruptive “watch & earn” streaming model to Pakistani audiences. We are thankful to Daraz and Tamasha for being driving forces in this space and collectively we aim to ignite a new era of digital sports streaming in Pakistan.” – Umair Masoom, Founder & Managing Director, myco


Prime Minister Youth Regional Badminton Trials for Women Kicks Off in Punjab

Pakistan (Qasim Ali)

In a move to nurture young badminton talent among women, Kinnaird College for Women in Lahore, in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission, is set to launch the “Prime Minister Talent Hunt Youth Regional Badminton Women Trials.” This exciting initiative is scheduled to commence on September 5th, 2023, at the District Sports Gymnasium in Sargodha.

The event aims to scout and develop budding badminton stars from across Punjab, providing them with comprehensive facilities and opportunities to showcase their skills. The trials will extend over the course of several weeks, covering seven different locations throughout the region.

*Trial Locations:*
1. Sargodha.
7. Lahore

During these trials, talented young women will have the chance to demonstrate their badminton prowess, with an eye on potential future success in the sport. The collaborative effort between Kinnaird College for Women and the Higher Education Commission underscores their commitment to fostering sporting talent and promoting gender equality in sports.

This exciting venture promises to invigorate the badminton scene in Punjab, offering a platform for young women to excel in the sport and contribute to the nation’s sporting achievements. Stay tuned for updates as these trials unfold, potentially uncovering the next generation of badminton champions in Pakistan.

New York Warriors cricket franchise

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Cricket, a sport that has fervently captured the hearts of billions worldwide, is now making notable inroads into the American sporting landscape. At the forefront of this movement is Muhammad Kamran Awan, a visionary Pakistan-origin entrepreneur. As the co-owner of the New York Warrior cricket franchise, he’s making waves by pledging to establish a prospering cricket brand in the USA’s inaugural T10 league.

A group of pioneering entrepreneurs has been instrumental in this groundbreaking venture. Pakistani businessman, Awan, collaboratively with Husnain Bajwa and two Indian origin entrepreneurs, Preet Kamal and Gurmeet Singh, have made history. They’ve acquired the New York Warriors cricket franchise, marking a significant milestone in the USA’s cricketing journey.

Masters T10, an international sensation in the cricket world, has previously organized thrilling tournaments in countries like Zimbabwe, UAE, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. This time, their focus is set on the US, as they bring forth the US Masters T10 League. Scheduled from August 18 to August 27, the matches will enthrall fans at the Fort Lauderdale County Cricket Stadium, Florida. Six competent teams are ready to clash: New York Warriors, Atlanta Fire, California Knights, Texas Chargers, NJ Legends, and Morrisville Unity.

Kamran Awan’s achievements don’t stop there. Based in the US and hailing from Chakwal, this successful entrepreneur holds the unique distinction of being the first Pakistani to own a team in the UST10 League. As the proud owner of New York Warriors, he’s certainly making his presence felt.

The New York Warriors are no ordinary team. Their squad boasts the crème de la crème of Pakistan cricket, with luminaries like Misbah Ul Haq (captain), Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Muhammad Razzaque, and Sohail Khan. To add more glamor and fan fervor, several Pakistani celebrities are flying to the US, all on the special invitation of Kamran Awan. Notables among them are Nauman Ijaz, Fakhar-e-Alam, Aijaz Aslam, and many others. The enchanting Nargis Fakhri will also grace the matches, cheering for the New York Warriors from India. Iconic figures like Chacha Cricket and heartthrob Momin Saqib are all set to warm up the crowd, ensuring electrifying atmospheres during the games.

Muhammad Kamran Awan elucidated, Aim is to promote cricket, create myriad growth opportunities for international players in the US sports market, and bridge enthusiasts from both nations. We have adopted a streamlined approach, leveraging televised broadcasts to reach a wider audience. Our goal is straightforward – to build a dominant cricket brand in the USA.

While steering the New York Warriors towards glory, Kamran Awan’s ambitions don’t remain bound within American shores. They have now spread across oceans to embrace his home country, Pakistan. He is also aiming to participate in the upcoming Pakistani T10 League showcases a duality of commitment—one that envisions cricket’s growth on both sides of the globe. Awan’s fervent passion for cricket and his unyielding drive to nurture and amplify the sport’s potential talent are clear in his every move.

Awan’s zeal transcends mere cricket promotion. His mission encompasses fostering cultural exchange. Together with co-owners, they’re championing talented Pakistani cricketers, offering them a stage to flaunt their skills globally. Their steadfast approach is evident, playing a pivotal role in elevating Pakistan’s cricketing milestones in the United States.

Run For Pakistan Celebrating Independence Day Rallies Runners for a Patriotic Challenge

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)  Sports in Pakistan proudly hosted a spectacular Run for Pakistan on Independence Day, bringing together passionate runners from near and far to celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity. The event, showcased the nation’s resilience and determination while fostering a sense of patriotism among participants.

Run for Pakistan, which took place on 14th August 2023 in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, saw an overwhelming response from both seasoned athletes and recreational runners. Participants geared up in green and white, embodying the essence of the national flag. The event was not only a physical feat but also an opportunity to connect with fellow runners internationally, fostering camaraderie and shared values.

In addition to the enthusiasm displayed by the runners, this year’s Run for Pakistan drew a remarkable crowd of supporters, including families, friends, and local communities. Spectators lined the streets, waving flags and offering encouragement, creating an electrifying atmosphere charged with patriotic pride. The event united a diverse array of individuals, highlighting the harmonious strength that comes from standing together for a shared cause.

“We are thrilled to commemorate Independence Day with this extraordinary event,” said Shoaib Nizami, CEO at Sports in Pakistan. “This event served as a celebration of our nation’s freedom and the enduring human spirit. It was inspiring to witness participants from all walks of life coming together to honor the country we love. He further said that Run for Pakistan not only provided an opportunity for runners to test their physical capabilities, but it also played a significant role in benefiting the local community. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Special Olympics Pakistan, aiding their continuous efforts in making a positive impact within the area.’’

Sports in Pakistan expresses its gratitude to all the volunteers, sponsors, and local authorities who contributed to the smooth execution of this grand event. Their dedication and support were instrumental in creating an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

New York Warriors Unleash Cricket Legends in the US

New York Warriors Unleash Cricket Legends in the US, Igniting Excitement Among Pakistani Cricket Fans.

The New York Warriors, a franchise in the US Masters T10 cricket league, is thrilled to announce the arrival of cricket legends Misbah Ul Haq, Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Umaid Asif, Sohail Khan, and Abdur Rehman to the team. This exciting development is set to ignite the passion of Pakistani cricket fans in the United States and showcases the New York Warriors’ commitment to promoting cricket and fostering cultural exchange.

The New York Warriors, under the guidance of Head Coach Ijaz Ahmed, have meticulously strategized to build a formidable team that covers all aspects of the game. The addition of top-notch players has provided a solid foundation for the team, with strong batting options from the top order down to number four. However, the team acknowledges that the bowling lineup remains an area that needs further attention.

The team’s logo, a powerful yellow lion, symbolizes the Warriors’ unwavering strength and courage, inspiring fear in opponents and confidence in fans. The lion’s commanding presence underscores the team’s focus and commitment, making it a memorable and iconic symbol of the team’s strength, skill, and unwavering determination to succeed.

Muhammad Kamran Awan, a Pakistani entrepreneur with co-founders Preet Kamal, Husnain Bajwa and Gurmeet Singh are the major driving force behind this initiative. Kamran efforts not only promote cricket but also foster cultural exchange and provide an opportunity for talented Pakistani cricketers to showcase their skills on the international stage. Through his vision and determination, he is carving a path for Pakistan’s cricketing success in the United States.

The New York Warriors’ initiative is more than just a cricket league; it’s a platform for cultural exchange. It’s an opportunity for Pakistani cricket fans in the United States to connect with their roots and for American cricket fans to experience the thrill and excitement of Pakistani cricket.

On the morning of Saturday, July 22, 2023, #LetsgoWarriors, Muhammad Kamran Awan, and US Master T10 League started trending on Twitter in Pakistan and kept trending for the next three hours. #LetsgoWarriors reached more than 2.1 million users, Muhammad Kamran Awan reached 1.8 million users, and US Master T10 League reached 443.7 thousand users. Collectively, these trending topics reached more than 4.5 million users, demonstrating the immense excitement and anticipation for the New York Warriors among Pakistani cricket fans.

The New York Warriors are ready to pounce and make their mark in the US Masters T10 cricket league. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in this exciting journey of cricket. To learn more, visit New York Warriors Website or follow us on Twitter.

Esports Marketing Pakistan Presents 2v2 Double Trouble Season 2 Powered by Tapmad

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) Like other countries in the world, e-sports are becoming the part of regular sports across Pakistan. Tapmad, the country’s leading OTT platform, has partnered with E-Sports Marketing Pakistan, Pakistan’s first e-sports advertising/marketing platform, which has recently entered into a partnership agreement with Tapmad.

This partnership will bring more and more E-Sports E-gaming events, currently presenting an online Event for the game CSGO in which gamers and teams will compete from all over Pakistan, including the country’s top players. It will be live telecasted on Esports Marketing and Tapmad platforms, it will be casted by country’s renowned esports caster Arhum Rasul – The Low FPS dude. Esports Marketing Pakistan also seeks to collaborate with other local organizations, investors, and brands, and ad agencies to join hands with us for the growth of the Esports industry in the country. For more details please visit our Face book Page – Esports Marketing Pakistan

Tapmad Entertainment One of the leading online/digital service in Pakistan, has become a premium partner of Esports Marketing Pakistan. Its natural fit as the esports teams and gamers are already active users of the product which makes for a very authentic partnership.

Tapmad Enjoy live cricket, HD sports, Premier League, live tv channels, breaking news and HD ad-free cricket and many more on Tapmad Pakistan.

BankIslami Sponsors 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023 at Moin Khan Cricket Academy

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

BankIslami, Pakistan’s leading Islamic financial institution with 380+ branches in 180+ cities, sponsored the 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023. The tournament was held at the Moin Khan Cricket Academy, Karachi, during the Holy month of Ramadan between 7-15 April 2023, with late-night matches set to give thrilling sights to youth and cricket enthusiasts.

The tournament featured a total of eight teams who fought their way to the finals under the presence of an exciting audience, a versatile celebrity, and the academy’s brand ambassador Mohammad Moin Khan. The tournament began with celebrity matches on April 7 and was followed by two matches per day from April 8 to April 13. The late-night matches provided an exciting atmosphere and showcased the talent of the players.

President and CEO, BankIslami, Amir Ali, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Moin Khan Cricket Academy and said, “We are proud to be associated with Moin Khan Cricket Academy and to sponsor the 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023. We believe that sports plays an essential role that enhances the character of energetic youth and builds a healthy and prosperous society. We support the sports fraternity in every opportunity we receive.”

Speaking at the event, Mohammad Moin Khan said, “We are grateful to BankIslami for being our sponsor for the 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023. This partnership reinforces our commitment to encourage youth and enhance their confidence and skills in sports.”

The tournament was broadcasted nationally and internationally, and the total prize money for the event was 2 million. BankIslami’s support for the tournament is a testament to the bank’s commitment to promoting sports in Pakistan.

BankIslami is committed to supporting sports in Pakistan and believes that sports brings people together and promotes teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

AAA Associates organized the 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament

AAA Associates organized the 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament for the promotion of grass root level golf in Pakistan.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

AAA Associates has become the beacon of sports, especially golf as it has sponsored multiple golf events across the nation. Its interest as a private sector leading vertical real estate development firm shows its passion for the revival of sports in Pakistan. In this context, AAA Associates organized a grand golfing event at Rawalpindi Golf Club in which hundreds of players participated. 

More than two hundred golfers competed in the senior amateurs, amateurs, veterans, and invitees categories. Other categories included ladies and juniors. Early Bird Patron in Chief, Ex-Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee (CJCS) Gen Aziz Khan, and Brig Abdul Salam Akhtar President of Early Bird were present as the chief guests. Syed Wajahat Ali Director of Corporate Sales AAA Associates was also present at the occasion.

The winners in the senior amateurs’ category included Maj Shoaib and Khalid Masood, taking the first gross and first net prizes respectively. Whereas, Col Abjad took the second prize; Brig Mohsin and Mr. Farukh Waheed took the third gross and net prizes respectively.

In the veterans’ category, the first net and first gross prizes were won by Brig Azhar Pervez and Brig M Aslam Khan respectively. The second gross and net prizes were won by Brig Arshad and Brig Tariq respectively. While the third gross and net prizes went to Brig Ghulam Nabi and Mr. Tariq Sadiq respectively.

The third prize in the Invitees category went to Brig Zahid Hussain and Maj Atif Gondal, while the second prize was won by Brig Zia Sarwar and Maj Gen Saeed Nagra. The first prize went to Maj Gen Abid Latif and Brig Amir Malik. The Junior Boys category winners included Mr. Bilal Amjad, and Mr. Abdullah Amir taking the first prize, with Mr. Ali Jami and Mr. Hassan Abbas winning the second prize. Among the ladies’ category, the first prize went to Ms. Arooba Ali (AAA Associates), and Brig Nasira Shaheen, the second prize, to Ms. Amna Malak, and Mrs. Ayesha Azhar, and the third prize to Ms. Jasia Tasawar and Ms. Fatima Azhar were awarded.

The amateurs’ category winners included Col Arshad Janjua and Lt Col Arif Kiyani taking the third prize. The second prize went to Squadron leader Furqan and Col Beshaam. The first prize winners included Maj Mustafa and Dr. Meer Yasir. AAA Associates has done an outstanding job in its sponsorship of impressive golfing tournaments of this magnitude. Its dedicated effort was the reason which made the 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament a successful event as well.