Xiaomi Announces Pakistan launch of 13T series

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Xiaomi today revealed its latest Xiaomi 13T Series smartphones termed as “Masterpiece in Sight”, designed and engineered for customers worldwide who are ready to unleash their visual artistry. Equipped with advanced performance optimization architecture lasting battery life, and a crystal-clear display, the Xiaomi 13T Series ensures outstanding smartphone experiences whether shooting photos, watching videos, or in daily usage. Both Xiaomi 13T Pro and Xiaomi 13T offer a triple camera setup featuring Summicron lenses co-engineered with Leica, including a 50MP wide-angle camera with 24mm equivalent focal length and a 7P aspherical lens designed to capture more light supporting high dynamic range shooting. Additionally, it offers 100% DCI-P3 coverage3 with support for 68 billion colors, providing end-to-end HDR10+ compatibility. Both Xiaomi 13T Pro and Xiaomi 13T feature wide-ranging power efficiency enhancements and lasting battery life, enabling users to enjoy a faster and more efficient smartphone experience.

Xiaomi 13T is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra, built for superb power efficiency using the latest TSMC 4nm process enabling improvements in CPU and GPU performance.

Xiaomi 13T Pro is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ chipset with a fast Octa-core CPU, delivering speeds of up to 3.35GHz. It also has a built-in Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU that improves image processing, making gaming experiences smooth and free from worries about battery life.

Market Availability

Xiaomi 13T is now available online at Mistore, Corecart, Daraz, and Xiaomi sale. It will also be available nationwide in all retail outlets. 13T Pro will be available soon.

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Xiaomi 13T has 1 variant available.

Variant 12 GB + 256 GB. Price is 169,999

Xiaomi 13T Pro also has 1 variant available.

Variant 12 GB+ 512 GB. Price is 234,999

Device Specifications

Specifications 13T 13T Pro
Display 144Hz Crystal Res AMOLED display3 144Hz Crystal Res AMOLED display3


Rear Camera  

50MP wide-angle camera




50MP wide-angle camera


Front Camera  20MP front camera


        20MP front camera


Battery 5000mAh (typ) 5000mAh (typ)
Processor MediaTek Dimensity 8200-Ultra



 MediaTek Dimensity 9200+


Color Meadow Green, Black, Alpine Blue Meadow Green, Black, Alpine Blue

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro Series Earns Exceptional Reviews Amongst Tech Media Worldwide

Infinix’s remarkable NOTE 30 Pro series have garnered significant attention beyond the usual market boundaries. The brand recently unveiled the highly anticipated NOTE 30 Pro series, providing young users with an exceptional All-Round FastCharge technology. Prominent technology media outlets have conducted comprehensive evaluations of the series, commending its impressive 68W fast charging, appealing design, top-notch features, and affordable pricing.

Let’s now explore the insights of these media experts and delve into the captivating world of the all-new Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series.

Exceptional Reviews

Renowned British tech influencer SuperSaf thoroughly reviewed the Infinic NOTE 30 pro series recently. When examining the NOTE 30 Pro, which boasts both 68W wired fast charging and 15W wireless fast charging capabilities, SuperSaf couldn’t help but express his admiration. He stated, “The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is a rare gem in today’s smartphone market, offering wireless fast charging at a competitive price.” It’s worth noting that the NOTE 30 Pro is the first smartphone in its price range to feature wireless fast charging.

Even the more budget-friendly NOTE 30 caught SuperSaf’s attention for its unique advantages. He highlighted, “The Infinix NOTE 30 stands out in the budget phone segment.” This series offers remarkable features such as 45W fast charging, a vibrant 120Hz screen, and a generous storage capacity of up to 16GB+256GB, all at an incredibly competitive price.

Watch full video here: xxxx

Critically Acclaimed by the Media 

Esteemed tech media GSMArena praised Infinix’s ambition, stating, “Infinix clearly has ambition and wants to punch above its class, which we appreciate.”

When it comes to battery life, Infinix NOTE 30 exceeded expectations, achieving an impressive 119 hours in endurance tests. GSMArena noted, “That’s even better than what we expected from this chipset and battery capacity combo. The Note 30 excels in standby endurance in particular.”

Not only does the NOTE 30 impress with its battery life, but its 45W fast charging capability also leaves a lasting impression. The phone features an innovative all-scenario fast charging solution with bypass, reverse, and smart functions. This enhances the charging experience in various situations. The bypass charging function, for instance, directly powers the phone’s motherboard, reducing battery strain and improving gaming performance—an essential feature for avid mobile gamers. GSMArena highlighted, “This is a great feature, particularly for gaming and can greatly increase the longevity of the battery.”

Renowned American tech blogger SomeGadgetGuy conducted a comprehensive sound quality test of the NOTE 30 Pro with JBL tuning in a small bedroom. The results were impressive, with clear audio and minimal distortion. SomeGadgetGuy concluded, “I mean, that’s pretty good sound.” The youtuber also expressed satisfaction with the screen, which offers adaptive adjustment between 60Hz, 90Hz, and 120Hz, believing it has the potential to deliver an unexpectedly positive experience to users.

Talk of the Town

Influential global technology websites, 9to5Google and GizChina, highly praised the cost-effectiveness of Infinix NOTE 30 series. 9to5Google stated that the NOTE 30 surpasses other options in its price range, offering a superior user experience in the States. GizChina awarded the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro a high score of 4.4 points, declaring it a “TRUE VFM WINNER.” Both reviews praised the exceptional aesthetic design, powerful hardware performance, stunning screen quality, and comprehensive fast charging technology of the NOTE 30 Pro.

Overall, technology media has lavished extremely high praise on the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series, unanimously acknowledging its outstanding performance and experience at a great price point. The series is lauded for its exceptional value. This reinforces our belief that the all-new Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series will dominate the smartphone market in the latter half of the year. 

TCL Reiterates its Advancements in Mini LED Technology with 2023 C Series TV

– TCL, global top 2 TV brand and top 1 98-inch TV brand, reveals details of the technological advancements of its latest generation Mini LED technology, debuted in its 4K Mini LED TV – C845 – launched earlier this month in Europe and soon in more global markets.

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Compared with traditional TVs, Mini LED technology is renowned for superior display performance. With the added advantages of higher brightness, greater contrast and wider color gamut resulting in a more dynamic and immersive picture quality. The latest generation of Mini LED technology rivals OLED when it comes to precise lighting control, and more comparative advantages. Mini LED TV can also be produced at a more affordable cost, making optimized picture performance more accessible.

As the first to develop and launch Mini LED TV’s, TCL has always leveraged Mini LED as its core strategy and continues to lead the industry. TCL has creatively customized and developed high-efficiency Mini LED chips and single-refraction curved surface glue dispensing technology, achieving more precise light control, more uniform surface light source, better halo control and higher light efficiency, using more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

In June 2023, TCL released the latest 4K Mini LED TV C845 in multiple sizes, raising the bar of TV picture quality among competitors in its field thanks to innovations in technology.

  • The number of LEDs reached 1792, resulting in 2000 nits’ peak brightness without incurring overheating.

TCL’s high-voltage Mini LED chip is designed to emit light in 3 PN junctions in series, with the driving voltage carefully matched so that the current passing through the LED chip falls within the optimal light efficiency range. As a result, the temperature can still be controlled, and TV set does not overheat when the LEDs are in full operation and the TV is in its peak brightness at the same time.

  • More control over lighting effects with greater number of close to 900 zones

TCL C845 adopts “one zone with two LEDs” to achieve more precise lighting control. Even in extremely dark or over exposed scenes, bright and dark areas are more defined without

irritating halo effects, making the viewing experience far more comfortable. Moreover, the excellent lighting performance is also attributed by the advanced lenses design which allows, in the same light control area, more uniform pictures, more reliable performance when both the module and TV achieve their smallest thickness.

  • Elegant design thanks to Ultra-thin thickness of 77 mm

TCL C845 adopts a “glue dispensing process”, applying polymer material which is directly placed on the LED to form a single refraction free-form surface. The light expansion angle of the new process is higher than that of ordinary lenses, which can significantly reduce the thickness of the TV set, resulting in a sleek, aesthetically appealing design.

  • 12-bit dual-mode precise light control algorithm for increased energy saving and eye protection

Using 12-bit dual-mode drive, the LED can emit 12-bit of light and has AD and PWM dimming to realize close to linear light control precision and more accurate color presentation. Under the high dual-mode drive, the current of LED can be kept in the range of high luminous efficiency to achieve energy saving and spectral stability.

At the same time, the PWM duty cycle works in the high frequency space which can reduce the flicker effect to human eyes for better vision protection.

Thanks to its industry leading technological advancements in Mini LED, The TCL C845 excels in picture quality performance across a range of scenarios and will be rolling out to global markets in the coming months.





Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series: Embracing All-Round FastCharge Revolution!

Here’s what you need to know about Infinix NOTE 30 Pro Series

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series featuring Pakistan’s first All-Round FastCharge smartphone is expected to launch by the end of July. While the official date has not been announced yet, let’s have a detailed look at what Infinix NOTE 30 and NOTE 30 Pro has to offer: 

 All – Round FastCharge Revolution: 

Infinix’s All-Round FastCharge Technology is a result of collaboration with TESLA Science center open doors for multiple charging solutions as per user’s need. Reducing lengthy charging times, Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is equipped with a 68W All-Round Fast charging enabling the smartphone to go from 0 – 100% in no time. Also, the inclusion of up to 15W wireless in Infinix NOTE 30 Pro marks Infinix’s major leap into a ca cord-less future. The 68W and 45W All-Round FastCharge of Infinix NOTE 30 Pro and Infinix NOTE 30 respectively; not only enables Fast Charge but also open doors to AI Smart Charge, Bypass Charge and Reverse Charge as well. 

On one hand, Bypass Charge aids in keeping the phone temperature minimal while the users enjoy their favorite gameplay, Reverse Charge can charge other smartphone accessories and even smartphones. Whereas the AI Smart Charge ensures sync with user’s charging habits avoiding overcharging at night, the Wireless Charge enables a tidy, cord-free work space at your desk. In short, All-Round Fast Charge of Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series scream answers to all sorts of charging concerns that too in one place. 

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro features a 68W All-Round FastCharge whereas Infinix NOTE 30 features a 45W All-Round FastCharge. 

AMOLED Eye-Care Display: Enhanced Viewing Comfort 

 Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series features AMOLED Eye-Care display considering the well-being of user’s eyes, reducing harmful blue light emissions and minimizing eye strain during prolonged usage. Coupled with 120 Hz rapid refresh of Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series, scrolling through content becomes incredibly smooth, enhancing the overall responsiveness and fluidity of the device. Precisely, the combination is a promising mix for a flagship caliber viewing experience whether to binge watching favorite shows or browse content for long hours. 

Master Triple Camera: Capture Every Detail

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is equipped with a 108MP primary camera packing more than enough pixels to help you record every moment with great detail. Most exciting camera feature for Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is Dual Video View that seamlessly blends rear camera view along with wide – angle camera view in one frame. 

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro features a 108MP rear camera alsong with 32MP selfie camera whereas Infinix NOTE 30 has a 64MP rear camera and a 16MP selfie camera. 

Up to 16 GB Extended RAM: Effortless Multitasking 

Featuring an extended RAM of up to 16GB, Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series stands tall under all kinds of usage scenarios. Rather it be gaming, multitasking or app performance, extended RAM elevates performance without slowing down the phone. Enhancing the overall multitasking experience, 8 GB RAM is available for expansion in both Infinix NOTE 30 Pro and Infinix NOTE 30.


Stereo Sound by JBL: A Cinematic Sound Experience

Infinix NOTE 30 series feature dual stereo sound speakers certified by JBL and HI Res. Ensuring cinematic sound quality, users can expect a rich audio experience whether they are watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.

Precisely, Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series will surely change the realm of smartphone charging with All-Round FastCharge. So, it’s better to stay tuned in order to find more about the series!