Formentera Summer Reservations 2022

Formentera Summer Reservations 2022

The coronavirus covid-19 pandemic has altered our lives significantly, and not just in terms of health; it has also altered our customs and tastes. Tourism experts believe that the three keys to the future of vacations are as follows: closer travel, longer stays, and fewer trips per year.

Thus far this year, a large majority of Europeans have continued to opt for teleworking in areas outside of major cities; this has resulted in an increase in the average stay, which has resulted in citizens’ travel plans likely to focus on fewer but longer trips.
This growing trend has aided in the ascension of Ibiza and Formentera as Europeans’ favorite vacation destinations. Our islands’ pristine nature and mild winter temperatures, combined with their proximity to any country in Europe, have resulted in a surge in demand for rental villas and apartments, both for long and short stays, that far exceeds all expectations.

This paradigm shift has resulted in a significant increase in February for summer reservations, particularly for the months of July and August. Finding availability at reasonable prices during these two months already appears difficult; between price increases and long-term rentals, we are witnessing a virtual “treasure hunt,” particularly on the island of Formentera, where mid-level bungalows are plentiful but quality villas are scarce.

On the other hand, we saw an increase in luxury tourism in Formentera during the summer of 2021, specifically in terms of renting accommodation.

Although this sector has always been present on the island, more specifically on its beaches, on boats and yachts, enjoying the island’s cuisine, last year a portion preferred to get to know the territory from land, resulting in a spike in rentals for luxury villas during the summer months, and the trend is expected to continue this year.

In short, the forecasts for this summer’s villa rental in Formentera promise to shatter all previous records, so we recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to confirm your reservations.

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