2021 Tourism recovery will be quick and explosive.

2021 Tourism recovery will be quick and explosive.

Since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, Formentera has been one of the safest destinations in Europe. Recognized worldwide for the beauty of its beaches and its unspoiled nature, when lockdown is eventually lifted and the rules are changed – which we are hopeful will be from around late spring – it will be once more the favorite destination for many people to spend the 2021 summer holiday.

The pandemic is giving symptoms around the world to remit acutely, and for the first time there is a feeling that this is a new beginning. The tourism industry is thus facing the largest rebound in its history, after almost a year in its lowest volumes ever seen, and with a huge desire to travel after having suffered restrictions that have paralyzed everyone for months.

Experts of the travel industry foresee a big revival, with vaccines facing their massive campaigns around the globe, the medical advances in the treatment of the disease (such as Pharmamar) and tests becoming more reliable, cheaper and faster, the horizon opens to a new scenario where the desire to travel is stronger than ever.

The directors of the Spanish Tourist Offices (OET) of four major source markets (UK, Germany, France and Italy) forecast a reactivation of tourist flows during the summer season. Compared to the last week, bookings have shot up 55% specially for the months of July and August.
On the other hand, the large tourist groups are asking their governments that the quarantine measures currently in force to enter the countries be replaced by a testing program, with rapid tests on arrival and departure.

The desire to feel free again is stronger than ever and with all these hopeful news, make sure you don’t miss the chance.
We are already receiving bookings from clients old and new, all of whom are growing increasingly excited at the thought of yet another wonderful summer in Formentera.

This year we have expanded our portfolio, offering you a wide choice of the very best Formentera villas where you can relax and revitalise yourself in style and comfort.

Contact us if you do not find what you are looking for or can’t find availability for your dates. We’ll be happy to help you find the house of your dreams.

And if you want to add a stay in Ibiza to your vacation, send us an email to [email protected]

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