PUBG MOBILE’s new Version 2.7 Update arriving on July 13th brings:


  • Partnership with Dragon Ball Super, including two exciting new Dragon Ball Super modes:
    • Dragon Ball Super Themed mode, where players collect Dragon Balls to bring them closer to victory on their favourite PUBG MOBILE maps.
    • Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super mode, featuring a new animated art style world to explore as five Dragon Ball characters, all with different powers to harness.
  • New Dragon Ball Super themed items and outfits available in two phases.
  • New areas, skills, items and vehicles to celebrate the Dragon Ball Super collaboration.
  • Additions and enhancements to the World of Wonder creative mode.
  • New content with Cycle 5 Season 13 and the Royale Pass Ace.

 Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) This Thursday PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, will be launching their landmark partnership with Dragon Ball Super. This collaboration will include an unprecedented gameplay overhaul in the Version 2.7 Update. With unique new Dragon Ball Super modes, items, vehicles, areas, and more, this represents one of the most significant partnerships in PUBG MOBILE history. 

Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode

The first of the two ground-breaking Dragon Ball Super modes will take place in-game on July 13th until September 4th featuring Dragon Ball elements merged with classic PUBG MOBILE battle royale gameplay. Through this mode, players can collect seven Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and make a wish at the Shenron Summoning Altar for powerful in-game buffs.

Players will have a chance to discover four new Dragon Ball Super areas in Erangel, Livik and Sanhok built to replicate locations and architecture from the series! “Dragon Ball Village”, “Tenkaichi Budokai”, “Kame House”, and “Karin Tower” all contain goodies for players to find. What’s more, players will be able to throw the new “Hoipoi Capsule” for it to transform into the three-seater “Air Car” to traverse the battlegrounds.

There’s a “Ki” component to this update, integral to the Dragon Ball series! Gather “Ki” like Energy for enhanced mobility, and to use the legendary “Kamehameha” beam to take out enemies and the “Buku-jutsu (Levitation technique)” to fly freely at running speed. When players find themselves low on “Ki”, they can eat scattered “Senzu Beans” to regain it along with Health and Energy.

What’s more, those craving an extra challenge should stay tuned for more details on the hidden Dragon Ball Trial. Here, players will be tasked to search for seven Dragon Balls, all while their location is visible to other teams! To win the game, players must successfully secure the Dragon Balls, defend the Sheron Summoning Altar, and then make a wish.

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super

The second of the two Dragon Ball Super modes will bring a gameplay makeover never-before-seen in PUBG MOBILE, transforming the battlegrounds into a stylistic animated art style world from July 15th until September 4th. Players will abandon their traditional weaponry and instead embody one of five of Dragon Ball Super’s characters – Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan – using their unique main and support moves in battle and strive to be the last one standing!

As part of this brand new mode, players will gather Spirit Crystlets and Spirit Crystals from the ground to restore energy and upgrade their moves, the highest being Level 4, and use a variety of new features such as Teleport Points and Updraft to traverse and manipulate the map.

“One of the world’s most iconic Japanese manga and anime franchises, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super have achieved something truly exceptional in staying relevant and meaningful to the generation that grew up watching and reading it, whilst constantly engaging new and young audiences,” said Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG MOBILE Publishing at Tencent Games. “In addition to its multi-generational and international appeal, its famous theme of conquering challenges really resonates with PUBG MOBILE and our players, and meant PUBG MOBILE team really worked hard to make this one of the most impressive in-game brand collaborations.”

Get ready for the multitude of Dragon Ball Super themed outfits and items coming on July 14th, including special outfits featuring Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and the companions, Pilaf and Karin! There will be more to come later on in the partnership on August 11th, so players should keep their eyes peeled for more content. 

Follow the official PUBG MOBILE’s social channels for more details about an upcoming in-game themed event bringing exclusive Dragon Ball Super rewards such as the “Kamesennin Style Set”.

The Version 2.7 Update also debuts a host of gameplay enhancements, including improvements to the World of Wonder creative mode with a new editable Summer Brawl gameplay template, and the new assault rifle ACE32, which will be available on all maps. Additionally, Cycle 5 Season 13 is updated with new content, rewards and cosmetics to unlock and enjoy, and the latest Royale Pass Ace will bring new core rewards along with Season Missions.

Finally, players should stay tuned for more to come, as PUBG MOBILE will soon announce an upcoming partnership with an iconic British luxury car manufacturer.

Complete details about what’s included in PUBG MOBILE’s Version 2.7 Update can be found in the official patch notes available here.

PUBG MOBILE’s Version 2.7 Update will be available on July 13th! Download the game for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

OPPO Find N2 wins Best Smartphone award

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

OPPO Find N2 was named Best Smartphone in Asia at the 2023 Asia Mobile Awards at MWC Shanghai. Recognized for its outstanding performance and innovative user experience, the Find N2 stood out from a competitive shortlist to claim the highly prestigious award.

GSMA’s Asia Mobile Awards are the region’s most prestigious accolade for the connectivity industry. The Best Smartphone in Asia Award is judged by prominent industry experts from GSMA based on criteria that include performance, innovation, and industry leadership. This year’s award not only recognizes the individual strength of OPPO Find N2 but also shows OPPO’s wider recognition and leadership in the industry.

OPPO Find N2 is OPPO’s second-generation flagship foldable phone. Featuring an ultra-light and durable Flexion Hinge and the industry’s first aerospace-grade carbon fiber screen support frame, the Find N2 offers an incredibly light foldable experience without sacrificing durability and reliability. The device adopts the same golden folding ratio as the original Find N and uses E6 120Hz displays for both its internal and external screens. Combined with its excellent charging and battery life, Hasselblad Camera for Mobile, and FlexForm Mode, OPPO Find N2 is a lightweight, intuitive foldable that is perfectly designed for everyday use.

Since its release at the end of 2022, OPPO Find N2 has captured the imagination of users worldwide with its innovative experiences, ushering in a new era for foldable phones. According to data from IDC, in Q1 2023, the OPPO Find N2 series ranked first in China’s foldable phone market with a market share of 35.0%, helping OPPO to take the top spot in terms of overall phone shipments during the same period.

OPPO is promoting innovation-driven industry development and empowering users worldwide with smart life experiences through an extensive product ecosystem. In recent years, these efforts have been increasingly recognized at the international level. In 2023, OPPO was named one of the 10 Most Innovative Asia-Pacific Companies by Fast Company and received a total of 15 awards from the iF International Forum Design. OPPO has also won numerous awards for its products, including the 2023 Edison Best New Product Awards and the 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award for the OPPO Air Glass and OPPO Battery Health Engine respectively, reflecting a growing recognition of OPPO’s cutting-edge technology and contributions to sustainability.

Guided by its mission of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, OPPO will continue to use innovation to bring cutting-edge technology experiences to users worldwide.

Dynamic Pakistani womens in Islamabad to meet the Ambassador of the Czech Republic

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

#LFCzech LADIESFUND delegation of some of the most dynamic Pakistani womens in Islamabad to meet the Ambassador of the Czech Republic H. E. Tomas Smetanka and his wife Irena at their beautiful residence.

Spotted at the event were Parveen Qadir Agha, Sobia Mustapha, Madeeha Raza, Kainat Riaz (Swat), Nasreen Iqba, Karishma Ali (Chittral), Elia Nauraz Ali (Balochistan) Samia Qamar, and LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood.

Irena made homemade apple streusel and all had an interactive discussion on state of the country, potential collaborations and simply getting to know each other. The hospitality was unparalleled and we are also incredibly proud of our incredible delegates who ranged in age and sector.

LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood hosted the event.

Karachi (Nut Desk)

LADIESFUND #LFPowwow2 at Second Cup DHA enabled 40 women SMEs to network and sell their products, while 20 women SMEs showcased their products and services on stage and fb live to a global audience. Spotted at the event were Moneeza Butt, Mehreen Humza Tabani, Varah Mussavir, Khursheed Hyder, Sana Pirzada & Zoreed Raza, among others. LADIESFUND President Tara Uzra Dawood hosted the event and selected mentors presented their mentees to the audience.

PowWow Gift Partner was Hashmi Group & Beauty Partner Depilex.

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Ajoka remembers its late founder on her 5th Anniversary.

Lahore (Qasim Ali)

Rich tributes were paid to the theatre icon and founder of Ajoka Theatre Madeeha Gauhar at a memorial meeting held on the 5th anniversary of her passing away. Those who shared their memories included playwright and Madeeha’s husband Shahid Nadeem, her son Nirvaan Nadeem, actress Samia Mumtaz, theatre activist Rukhsana Kazmi, filmmaker Shoaib Sultan, stage and TV actress Razia Malik, actors Sarfraz Ansari and Umar Bhatti. They praised Madeeha’s passion and commitment to theatre and peace.

The programme included reading of extracts from Madeeha’s diaries and other writings by Nirvaan Nadeem, Arzoo Ali Gauhar, Fizza Jamal, Mohammad Qaisar and Usman Zia. The extracts related to Madeeha’s growth as  a socially aware artist and activist. A TV interview of Madeeha was also screened in which she talked about her artistic journey and her work for theatre for peace.

Shahid Nadeem said that Ajoka cherishes Madeeha’s legacy and is carrying on with her mission of spreading the message of  peace and social awareness through entertaining theatre. He also revealed  that Ajoka to mark its 40th anniversary with year- long activities and the details will be announced on 5 May before the performance of its new play “Uddanhaare”at Alhamra.

Esports Marketing Pakistan Presents 2v2 Double Trouble Season 2 Powered by Tapmad

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) Like other countries in the world, e-sports are becoming the part of regular sports across Pakistan. Tapmad, the country’s leading OTT platform, has partnered with E-Sports Marketing Pakistan, Pakistan’s first e-sports advertising/marketing platform, which has recently entered into a partnership agreement with Tapmad.

This partnership will bring more and more E-Sports E-gaming events, currently presenting an online Event for the game CSGO in which gamers and teams will compete from all over Pakistan, including the country’s top players. It will be live telecasted on Esports Marketing and Tapmad platforms, it will be casted by country’s renowned esports caster Arhum Rasul – The Low FPS dude. Esports Marketing Pakistan also seeks to collaborate with other local organizations, investors, and brands, and ad agencies to join hands with us for the growth of the Esports industry in the country. For more details please visit our Face book Page – Esports Marketing Pakistan

Tapmad Entertainment One of the leading online/digital service in Pakistan, has become a premium partner of Esports Marketing Pakistan. Its natural fit as the esports teams and gamers are already active users of the product which makes for a very authentic partnership.

Tapmad Enjoy live cricket, HD sports, Premier League, live tv channels, breaking news and HD ad-free cricket and many more on Tapmad Pakistan.

BankIslami Sponsors 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023 at Moin Khan Cricket Academy

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

BankIslami, Pakistan’s leading Islamic financial institution with 380+ branches in 180+ cities, sponsored the 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023. The tournament was held at the Moin Khan Cricket Academy, Karachi, during the Holy month of Ramadan between 7-15 April 2023, with late-night matches set to give thrilling sights to youth and cricket enthusiasts.

The tournament featured a total of eight teams who fought their way to the finals under the presence of an exciting audience, a versatile celebrity, and the academy’s brand ambassador Mohammad Moin Khan. The tournament began with celebrity matches on April 7 and was followed by two matches per day from April 8 to April 13. The late-night matches provided an exciting atmosphere and showcased the talent of the players.

President and CEO, BankIslami, Amir Ali, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Moin Khan Cricket Academy and said, “We are proud to be associated with Moin Khan Cricket Academy and to sponsor the 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023. We believe that sports plays an essential role that enhances the character of energetic youth and builds a healthy and prosperous society. We support the sports fraternity in every opportunity we receive.”

Speaking at the event, Mohammad Moin Khan said, “We are grateful to BankIslami for being our sponsor for the 8th Corporate T20 Cup 2023. This partnership reinforces our commitment to encourage youth and enhance their confidence and skills in sports.”

The tournament was broadcasted nationally and internationally, and the total prize money for the event was 2 million. BankIslami’s support for the tournament is a testament to the bank’s commitment to promoting sports in Pakistan.

BankIslami is committed to supporting sports in Pakistan and believes that sports brings people together and promotes teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

WB by Hemani Launched Hareem Farooq’s Signature Luxury Scents

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) WB by Hemani celebrated the successful launch of Hareem Farooq’s signature luxury scents with a star-studded intimate Suhoor night in uptown Karachi. Designed with a labor of love and scented by the diva Hareem Farooq herself with her choice of fragrances, this exclusive collection takes inspiration from beautiful emotions of JOY, HOPE, LUV, and FAITH.

Hareem Farooq has designed her signature luxury scent JOY – a musky fragrance for women who enjoy little joys of life, HOPE – a citrusy, floral, and musky scent for the woman who has her hopes high, LUV – with chypre, floral, and musky scent for her who is full of love, and FAITH – a floral, amber, and musky fragrance for her who has faith in everything. This four exclusive eau de parfums are crafted and designed by Dominique Moellhausen, a top perfumer and Perfumer of the Year 2020.

“This is a dream come true for me, ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with perfumes, I just love how a good fragrance can make you and others around you feel good. I have always wanted to come out with my own perfumes, add notes and make scents of my own choice and Hemani has given me this opportunity to turn my dream into reality and I am super excited for this launch. As this is the first ever brand that I am launching I wanted to lend it as much positivity as possible and that’s the reason they have been named JOY, HOPE, LUV & FAITH as these four emotions have been my strongest pillars in life, no matter how dark life got they always guided me to light, and I hope you enjoy these beautiful scents that we have made with all our hearts from the scratch for all of you, and that they uplift your spirits and remind you that good days are always around the corner”, shared the top Pakistani film producer and actress Hareem Farooq on the successful launch of her signature luxury scents.

“Hareem Farooq’s signature luxury scents are a happy new addition to our Hemani family, and we are super excited to bring you her range of day-to-night wear eau de parfums for the women of today”, commented Zohair Hemani – Director of Hemani Group, speaking at the Hareem Farooq x Hemani success Suhoor night.

WB by Hemani’s natural, chemical and toxin-free fragrances not only provide a range of earthy, natural smelling products but are also the must-have fragrances for the modern age wardrobe. Hemani has been long established as the leading herbal & natural company that carries forward their promise of authentic & naturally sourced products.

The intimate celebratory Suhoor night showcased the four exclusive emotive fragrances named JOY, HOPE, LUV, and FAITH for the select media and guests to enjoy and experience. Present on the occasion were Ayesha Omar, Ushna Shah, Ali Rehman, Mariyam Nafees, Aman Ahmed, Adnan Siddiqui, Zhalay Sarhadi, Adnan Pardesy, Aijaz Aslam, Sanam Jung, Rizwan Ali Jaffri, Eshal Fayyaz, Behroze Subzwari, Safina Behroze, Humaira Asghar Ali, Seemi Pashah, Fakhar-e-Alam, Nadia Hussain, Nabeel Zafar, Naveed Raza, Mariam Mirza, Jerjees Seja, Abdullah Seja, Annus Abrar, Amir Adnan, Huma Adnan, Nina Kashif, Amna Arshad, Hafsa Haseeb, Arshad Khan, Raheel Rao, Maliha Rehman, Rameez Sattar, Zahir Rahimtoola, Zain Pasha amongst several other notables from the fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and media industry.

The Hareem Farooq exclusive range of fragrances: JOY, HOPE, LUV, and FAITH is now available online at

AAA Associates organized the 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament

AAA Associates organized the 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament for the promotion of grass root level golf in Pakistan.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

AAA Associates has become the beacon of sports, especially golf as it has sponsored multiple golf events across the nation. Its interest as a private sector leading vertical real estate development firm shows its passion for the revival of sports in Pakistan. In this context, AAA Associates organized a grand golfing event at Rawalpindi Golf Club in which hundreds of players participated. 

More than two hundred golfers competed in the senior amateurs, amateurs, veterans, and invitees categories. Other categories included ladies and juniors. Early Bird Patron in Chief, Ex-Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee (CJCS) Gen Aziz Khan, and Brig Abdul Salam Akhtar President of Early Bird were present as the chief guests. Syed Wajahat Ali Director of Corporate Sales AAA Associates was also present at the occasion.

The winners in the senior amateurs’ category included Maj Shoaib and Khalid Masood, taking the first gross and first net prizes respectively. Whereas, Col Abjad took the second prize; Brig Mohsin and Mr. Farukh Waheed took the third gross and net prizes respectively.

In the veterans’ category, the first net and first gross prizes were won by Brig Azhar Pervez and Brig M Aslam Khan respectively. The second gross and net prizes were won by Brig Arshad and Brig Tariq respectively. While the third gross and net prizes went to Brig Ghulam Nabi and Mr. Tariq Sadiq respectively.

The third prize in the Invitees category went to Brig Zahid Hussain and Maj Atif Gondal, while the second prize was won by Brig Zia Sarwar and Maj Gen Saeed Nagra. The first prize went to Maj Gen Abid Latif and Brig Amir Malik. The Junior Boys category winners included Mr. Bilal Amjad, and Mr. Abdullah Amir taking the first prize, with Mr. Ali Jami and Mr. Hassan Abbas winning the second prize. Among the ladies’ category, the first prize went to Ms. Arooba Ali (AAA Associates), and Brig Nasira Shaheen, the second prize, to Ms. Amna Malak, and Mrs. Ayesha Azhar, and the third prize to Ms. Jasia Tasawar and Ms. Fatima Azhar were awarded.

The amateurs’ category winners included Col Arshad Janjua and Lt Col Arif Kiyani taking the third prize. The second prize went to Squadron leader Furqan and Col Beshaam. The first prize winners included Maj Mustafa and Dr. Meer Yasir. AAA Associates has done an outstanding job in its sponsorship of impressive golfing tournaments of this magnitude. Its dedicated effort was the reason which made the 38th Early Bird Golf Tournament a successful event as well.