IIL holds interactive 75th Annual General Meeting and Corporate Briefing Session

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

International Industries Limited (IIL), Pakistan’s largest manufacturer and exporter of pipes & tubes, held its 75th Annual General Meeting (AGM), followed by a Corporate Briefing Session at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi on September 27, 2023.

The AGM witnessed the presence of shareholders, board members, executives, and other esteemed stakeholders of the Company. During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to review IIL’s performance, receive a briefing on its strategic goals, and discuss the annual financial report, showcasing the organization’s financial results and achievements over the past year.

In tandem with the AGM, IIL hosted a Corporate Briefing Session for financial analysts and other members of the banking & finance community, wherein key company executives presented a comprehensive overview of the organization’s operations, strategic initiatives, and business outlook. The session aimed to enhance transparency and provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the company’s direction and aspirations.

“We are delighted to engage key stakeholders at our Annual General Meeting and Corporate Briefing Sessions,” stated Sohail R. Bhojani, IIL’s Chief Executive Officer. “These platforms provided a valuable opportunity for transparent sharing of information and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders. We remain dedicated to aligning our strategies with the aspirations of our stakeholders, driving sustainable growth, and delivering continuous value to shareholders.”